Life at Noraccom




“My name is Jennifer.   I am one of three residents who started at Noraccom in 1999. I lived with my family until I was 30 and then moved to Noraccom where I have been so happy.

I have my own bedroom and en suite and love being with the other people at Noraccom.  There are four different buildings but there are  five people in my house. There are seventeen residents when Noraccom is full.  We have meals together with lovely staff and some of us like to go out to different things such as Watsonia RSL, Dancing, Drama, Church Friendship Group etc.

We have chores to do each week.  Everyone helps with these chores and looks after each other.

I need assistance to do my washing each week but can take care of myself, mostly.

Some of us have different day jobs and a group of us work together and share a taxi to work.”